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Checkpoint B - FAQ

When are the challenges issued?

Every Sunday evening


How do I redeem the vouchers?

Upon completing the challenge. Send us a message on our facebook page with your tracking activity link/screenshot. We will respond to you on voucher redemption details after verifying your activity. All fitness GPS tracking device allowed.


Are there limits to the number of vouchers which I am eligible to collect? 

No limits! For each workout activity, as long as you have completed the challenge, your reward will be awarded.

Am I allowed to redeem the same voucher?

Yes you are. We hope that you keep revisiting the checkpoints that you love and enjoy.

How long are the validity of the discount vouchers? 

Typically, they are valid for 60 days from the start date of challenge. Or that you may refer to expiration date indicated on the voucher itself.


Am I allowed to exchange for other vouchers?

Yes, you may. Please do so within our checkpoint B community group.

Please do not contact our game masters for voucher swaps.


Challenges are targeted specifically for hikers, runners and cyclists. Am I allowed to participate in all 3 categories?

Definitely! We encourage a holistic sports experience. The more elements of sports that you indulge in, the merrier!


Do I have to join Checkpoint B Strava club?

We do not make it mandatory. However, joining the club will allow us to see your activities accumulated and there might be challenges which requires distance accumulations. In addition, bonus prizes may be awarded to top leaderboard participants.

How do I link my workout activities to Strava?

You may refer to Strava support site.


Are other tracking apps allowed?

We are accepting all GPS based tracking apps. Or that you may even send us a photo of your sports watch screen.

For challenges which do not indicate any specific locations, does it meant that I can complete the mileages using treadmills or spinning bicycles? 

No you cant. We would prefer that distances clocked to be tracked by GPS to ensure that distance is actually being done. Besides, getting outdoors is more refreshing, isnt it?


Does the activity type have to match the category of challenge which I am participating in? 

Yes. You can easily switch the sport type in Strava to indicate the type of activity you are attempting. Hiking, running or cycling.


Do I need to change the privacy settings of my workouts?


To change your Default Preference on Strava. Click on the 'Privacy Controls' tab on the left side of the page. Select 'Everyone,' or 'Followers'  under 'Activities.' For our convenience, join the checkpoint B strava club.

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